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Privacy Policy - often known as AskUnion or AskUnion Community is liable for the following privacy policies.

  1. AskUnion detect your identity and create cache/cookie/session for your account.
  2. Abuse of any materials of or AskUnion community will forced us to take immediate/later actions against respective responsible AskUnion activist.
  3. Registered Users can earn medals according to following rules -

    Medal Earning rules:

    Registered member's every like to your question, makes 1 bronze medal. Every save makes 5 bronze medals Every upvote to your contributed answer makes 1 bronze medal, every downvote makes loss of 1 bronze medal, Every your contributed answer makes 2 bronze medals.

    Every 10 Bronze medals makes 1 Silver medal and every 10 Silver medals makes 1 Gold medal. Only your highest medal's number will be shown publicly with your questions or answers.

  4. More than 100 reports to any question or answer will close that Q/A automatically.