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1 Ans A Quest for Peace in the Middle East: Recent Perspectives - composition

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) one week ago at (Education Tutorials)

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A Quest for Peace in the Middle East: Recent Perspectives

The quest for peace in the Middle East has been going on for decades. It all started in 1948 when Israel declared its independence and fought Arab nations to secure it. However, the Arabs were left unsatisfied while the Israelis wanted more control over land. In 1967, the 'six-day war' erupted, resulting with Israel seizing the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The war left the situation unchanged and the Arabs and Israelis have been fighting ever since. Middle East peace is important because without an agreement, both sides will remain hostile towards each other and wars will be constantly taking place. Numerous people will be killed, and a settlement will not be reached. Jerusalem, the creation of a Palestinian state, and American and International aid are the top three issues that need to be resolved.

US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as well as unqualified support for Israel's hardhanded efforts aided by Egypt and the Palestine Authority to squeeze Hamas and suppress sustained protests along the Gaza-Israel border have emboldened Israeli hardliners, prompted Palestinians to refuse US mediation and, together with Hamas moves to capitalize on the mounting tension, threaten to spark renewed military confrontation that neither side wants.

The United States and Iran are locked into an escalating war of words threatening further interruptions of the flow of oil as well as doom and gloom against a backdrop of the imposition of harsh US sanctions and the US and Saudi Arabia toying with attempting to spur ethnic unrest in Iran to topple the regime in Tehran. 

As political scientist Lan Bremmer said: "The lack of clear, uncontested international leadership is everywhere we look these days... Yet nowhere is the destabilizing impact of this trend more obvious, and pressing, than in the Middle East ... The result... will be more uncertainty, more assertive behavior, more lines crossed and rising fears that no one has the power to contain the risk of new forms of Middle East conflict.

President Donald J Trump has proven to be more partisan than Obama is his backing of the UAE,

Saudi Arabia and Israel and his confrontational approach of Iran. Yet, his mercurial unpredictability has made him no less unreliable in the perception of US allies even if he appears to have granted Middle Eastern partners near carte-blanche.

Trump's partisan approach as well as his refusal to reign in US allies has led to potential escalation of multiple conflicts, including the war in Yemen, mounting tension in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, a race for control of ports and military facilities in the Horn of Africa, Israeli challenging of Iran’s presence in Syria, and confrontation with Iran.

So, all these things have made the middle east region unrest. No agreement is not visible as the world powers are not careful enough about the policy to bring peace between Israel and Palestine. The Muslim community's effort of several times to establish a two-nation policy but it did not come true because of the Israel's stubbornness. So, peace in the middle east is far from reality if the world leaders and Israel and Palestine have not come to a fruitful conclusion yet.

Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) one week ago

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